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Château de Galinée: living the Breton dream!

Camping in Brittany has long been a firm favourite with both French and British holiday-makers. Now you can do it in style at the Château de Galinée, a beautiful campsite in the grounds of a 19th century manor house.


Epicutaneous immunotherapy in a patch by DBV Technologies

The Viaskin patch is easy to wear

Immunotherapy or the practice of stimulating the body’s immune response to treat disease or tolerize a patient to a certain allergen has been around for quite some time.


Taillardat – why not grace your home with beautifully-crafted furniture?

The Demigny Louis XVI seat is suitable for the lounge or the study

A house’s furniture is one of the principal ways of giving expression to your tastes in your home environment. Whilst mass-produced furniture has grown exponentially in popularity over the years, many people still enjoy the look and feel of luxury furniture items that…


Explore the best Europe and the world has to offer with Eden Luxury Homes!

Eivissa medieval festival explores Ibiza’s rich historical heritage

Holidaying can be an exhausting business – out on the tourist trail all day, you really need somewhere to retreat to – somewhere you can call your home. This is why Eden Luxury Homes ( was founded. The firm has a network of…